LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.ocm) – Earlier in the week, ESPN the Magazine ran an article that blamed the Lakers’ recent struggles on Kobe Bryant, saying Los Angeles isn’t able to attract free agents.

During an interview Friday, Lakers President Jeanie Buss voiced her displeasure with the article, especially the part about free agents not wanting to play with Bryant.

“Any free agent that would be afraid to play with Kobe Bryant is probably a loser, and I’m glad they wouldn’t come to the team,” Buss said during a Sports Center interview Thursday. “”I don’t agree with any of it. If there is somebody that’s on our payroll who is saying things like that, I’ll soon get to the bottom of it, and they won’t be working for us anymore.”

At 36, Bryant is expected to make more money than any other player in the NBA. He will make $23.5 million in 2014-15 and $25 million in ’15-’16.

Lakers will open the season against Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets on Oct. 28 at Staples Center.

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