MALIBU ( — A unique camp is helping women rest, unwind, and reclaim their lives.

Campowerment is a 3-day getaway camp for adult women who find themselves consumed by everyday life, and need unique ways to rediscover themselves.

“Campowerment is really a sleep-away camp for grown-up women, to sort of disconnect from the crazy, busy of their everyday lives, and reconnect with themselves and the sisterhood of women who are struggling to juggle life, just like we all are,” Campowerment CEO Tammie Leader Fuller said.

Exercises and activities include balancing on a log 40 feet in the air, and swinging while secured by a cord.

“I really stepped out of my comfort zone to come here, and I found it life-changing and just so powerful,” camper Lori, going through her second round at Campowerment, said. “I just wanted to come back now that I’m in a better place, and see what it could bring me when I was feeling good and feeling more open than I was when I originally came.”

Women attend the camp for a number of reasons. Some attend as they deal with the death of a husband, others are going through a divorce. Some women are there to celebrate occasions, such as weight loss, while others just want to get away from the world for a while.

“For the first 24 hours, we don’t talk about jobs or anything like that,” Lori said. “You really bond on a level with people that you don’t bond with in your regular life.”

Fuller says that, at camp, women get more in touch with their inner child, by testing their limits with the giant “Leap of Faith”, the swing, and the zip-line.

They also relax with yoga and massages, and bond over group chats and lectures.

“In your regular life, you’re meeting people because of work, or kids or families or partners, and none of that really exists here,” Lori said. “So it’s a really unique way of creating relationships and bonds as an adult.”

Regardless for their reasons for attending the camp, women leave with new friends, saying they have a stronger sense of self.

For more information on the camp, which cost $999, visit Campowerment’s website here.


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