LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  The craft-brew industry is really hopping in Los Angeles.

New breweries are opening one after another. It’s a big business, but the little guy isn’t being left out.

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CBS2’s Entertainment Reporter Suzanne Marques says that many beer lovers are crafting their own at home.

She introduces us to two women in Eagle Rock, Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, who call themselves The Beer Chicks. They are beer sommeliers, experts in the craft of all things ale.

“It’s the most beloved beverage on the planet,” says Beaune.

“It’s about discovery; people that are craft-beer drinkers want to try a new craft beer all the time,” Perozzi says.

“You have to fail to succeed in home brewing, and it will happen to you,” Beaune adds.

Most people already have the equipment they need to brew beer at home.

“You need a big pot, you need a spoon, you need a strainer,” says Perozzi. “You can get your ingredients from a local home-brew store. There are several here in town. They have what they call ‘kits.’ ”

The actual brewing process is easy. But Marques reports it is also time-consuming. It will take upwards of 10 days for your homemade brew to ferment.

The reward, however, is priceless.

“It shouldn’t cost you more than $150 to be completely set up,” Perozzi says.

All the ingredients combined, says Beanue, “about 20 bucks.”

That will yield about 5 gallons of beer.

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“Which is a lot of beer,” says Perozzi.

Every pint tells a story.

Brewing at home may not be the option for many. But not to worry, as bars specializing in craft beer are also popping up all over.

The Beer Chicks mention several favorite places, among them Beer Belly in Koreatown, Surly Goat in West Hollywood and the El Segundo Brewing Co. in El Segundo.

They particularly love The Eagle Rock Brewery (3056 Roswell Street, 90065 323-257-7866) because, for one thing, it’s close to home.

“We are in Eagle Rock, and it’s very close, and it’s delicious,” says Beanue. “They make great beer.”

Inside the Eagle Rock Brewery, they are busy making beer for the people.

“When we first opened up, a lot of people would come in and say, ‘So, these beers have these names; are you guys communists? Or what’s going on,’ ” says Jeremy Raub, owner of the Eagle Rock Brewery.

“The first beer that we brewed here is a beer we still make called Solidarity. That was a beer my dad and I were making at home,” says Raub.

With brews like Solidarity, Manifesto and Revolution, the people have taken notice. The beer is now available throughout Southern California and inside Staples Center and Dodger Stadium, too.

“Staples Center and Dodger Stadium has been stepping up their beer programs over the last couple of years, just because the popularity of craft beer has been on the rise,” says Raub.

For more information about the Beer Chicks, click here.

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For more information about the Eagle Rock Brewery, click here.