BELL GARDENS ( — An attorney said Thursday that his client, the wife of the slain mayor of Bell Gardens, was a longtime victim of domestic violence and that he plans to provide evidence to police to help them reach a “just conclusion” as they decide whether to file murder charges against her.

Eber Bayona represents Lyvette Crespo, who police say shot her husband, Daniel Crespo, Tuesday at their condominium in the 6300 block of East Gage Avenue. But there is more to learn about the shooting, Bayona said.

“Looks at time may be deceiving. There may be an opportunity to learn about the difficult and intolerable home life for this family,” he said.

Crespo, 45, was shot following an apparent domestic dispute between him and his son, Daniel Jr. Lyvette Crespo allegedly produced Crespo’s own gun and shot her husband to protect her son.

“It is a tragic coincidence that right on the eve of the domestic violence awareness month, which President Barack Obama announced a couple of days ago, I’m called to help and assist Lyvette Crespo in this very tragic, tragic situation,” Bayona said.

Lyvette Crespo and her son were questioned by authorities and released. Charges are still pending in the murder.

Bayona said that he intends to meet with police so he can provide evidence, statements and photos “so they can reach a just conclusion to the case.”

Daniel and Lyvette Crespo were high school sweethearts and married for 26 years. Bayona requested that the public respect the privacy of his client and her family.

“So many things are inaccurate in the media and social media about the people whom they love,” Bayona said. “She is not elected official. She has been a stay at home mom for many, many, many years. She has been and continues to be dedicated mother to this family.”

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