HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com)  —  A lot of stoners believe they get the munchies after smoking marijuana. Pizza is often a go-to food for those who are high.

Hollywood-born entrepreneur Henry Mark, 24, opened his Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza joint earlier this year.

Reporting for KCAL9, Peter Daut says Mark’s frozen, handmade pies about $10 per 6-inch personal pan pizza, are selling fast at various dispensaries around Southern California.

It’s a story that is Only On 9.

Daut spoke to Keleigh Kramers of Stoned Oven from one of the many dispensaries that sell their pies, a location in downtown LA.

The taster is unable to discern that the pie itself, billed as “the world’s strongest medicated pizza,” contains marijuana.

Stoned Oven has several signature flavors, including classic topics like pepperoni.

“It’s cutting out the middle man of having to order a pizza after you are done smoking,” says Kramers.

Word of mouth has increased business from a few hundred pies a week to a new high of about 3,000, she says.

The pies are helping customers with medicinal needs, who are required to show prescriptions for medical marijuana.

“It can help a variety of people,” says customer Candice Walker.

She says she eats a slice of the pot pie nearly ever day to help treat her seizure disorder.

“I eat pizza anyway,” Walker says, “so why not have a medicated pizza and actually help my disease?”

While some critics say the pizzas have too much THC, the company says not everyone will get the same effect.

“We recommend that you eat a quarter of it,” says Kramers, “take some time, drink water, wait about 30 minutes or so to see how it affects you.”

For now, in addition to the pepperoni offering, there’s also a 5-star cheese and “very Margherita Jane” with plans to soon add a few more flavors, including a vegan option.

The company also plans to expand to Northern California.


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