MALIBU ( — Concerned parents are demanding tests for toxic chemicals found on the campuses of at least two Malibu schools.

KCAL9’s Serene Branson reports parents have pushed the district to fully test and clean up contaminated schools for four years, and concerned mom Cindy Crawford is among them.

Crawford pulled her two children out of Malibu schools after toxic chemicals were discovered on campus.

“It resonated with me,” she said. “What they offered was 15 years of dusting with a wet rag and leaving it in place. And to me, that just didn’t satisfy me.”

Crawford and dozens of parents showed up at Malibu City Hall on Monday to support a resolution to fully test for and remove dangerous chemicals.

This summer, an independent test showed elevated levels of PCB at Malibu High, up to 7,400 times higher than the legal limit and higher than previously thought.

PCB is a toxic compound banned in 1976 after being linked to cancer and reproductive system disruption.

Beth Lucas just took her son out of his sophomore year last week, saying the cancer survivor’s doctor decided it was too risky.

“The school district, instead of cleaning the school this past summer, they should have found alternate housing for the kid;, they should have tested entire school and they should have put in place a plan to do the remediations,” Lucas said.

“I battled for my life for a whole year with the brain tumor, and I have no interest in battling for my life again,” student Christian Pierce added.

Asked if he thinks the schools are safe, Malibu Mayor Skylar Peak said simply: “I don’t know, and that’s the problem.”

Crawford says she has offered to pay for the cleanup and comprehensive testing, but the district hasn’t responded.

A spokesperson for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District was not immediately available for comment.


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