STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Be green this football season!

Zem Joaquin, founder of, stopped by KCAL9 Friday to share some tips about how to tailgate in an eco-friendly way

1. The Car:

  • You don’t have to sacrifice luxury to be ecofabulous. The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class is a first among electric vehicles with its roomy silhouette that’s perfect to haul all your tailgating gear to the stadium.
  • Perks for football games:
    • You’ll get to the stadium faster with HOV lanes
    • Pure convenience. There are several charging stations near the LA Coliseum, so you can easily charge before or after a USC game.
    • Save money by not paying for gas
  • $41,450, Available at Mercedes-Benz dealerships *California resident eligible for $2,500 rebate

2. The Grill:

  • Sur La Table at Farmer’s Market carries these battery-operated and portable LotusGrills – great for tailgating. Its charcoal counterpart is specially designed to provide clean-burning fuel for the grill. The natural beechwood charcoal produces less smoke than a standard charcoal fire.
  • $249.95 (grill) and $14 (charcoal), Available at Sur La Table Farmer’s Market

3. The Food:

  • Take a healthy twist on nachos using Beyond Meat – meat made from plant protein to reduce your carbon footprint. The chicken and beef has the same texture and taste with all the protein yet half the fat. Vegan friendly but meat lovers won’t even know the difference.
  • $5.49/pack, Available at Whole Foods
  • Scrap the plastic/styrofoam flatware and dinnerware and choose more sustainable products like Leafware dinnerware made from naturally fallen leaves and reusable To-Go Ware cutlery made from bamboo.
  • $25+ Leafware (dinnerware), Available at / $12+ To-Go Ware, Available at

4. The Drinks:

  • Laughing Glass all-natural margarita is the perfect choice for the ladies at the tailgate. Low calorie and made from organic agave.
  • $18, Available at your local liquor store

5. The Music:

  • This Soulra XL boombox is solar powered and can last 5 hours without a recharge in direct sunlight to last your entire tailgate. Includes iPod and iPhone docking.
  • $249.99, Available at

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