PASADENA ( — Two teenaged boys were charged Wednesday for allegedly planning a shooting “massacre” at South Pasadena High School, authorities said.

The boys, ages 16 and 17 years old, were charged as juveniles with one count of making criminal threats, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. They were arrested Monday.

Both boys were expected to make an initial appearance later today in Pasadena Juvenile Court, according to prosecutors.

Deputy District Attorney Rebecca Lewis said the teens discussed details about the plan to carry out the attack and allegedly shared their intent with another teen.

Authorities found evidence that the boys were researching bullet-proof vests, rifles, submachine guns, bombs and other explosives, especially propane, but had not acquired any weapons yet, police said.

Search warrants were served at the teens’ homes Monday afternoon where detectives seized computers and placed the boys under arrest.

No evidence was found indicating a date for the planned attack and the boys were “at the very beginning” of planning, Miller said.

Police stated that during interviews, the boys said they were “willing to die for their plan. It wasn’t as much of a cause as it was a plan.”

The stepfather of the 17-year-old suspect told CBS2 on Tuesday, “We are greatly saddened and disappointed by the allegations. We would like to apologize to the community of South Pasadena. We would like to thank the person who stepped forward, who had the courage to advise the authorities, and we would like to thank the South Pasadena Police Department for their professionalism and their kindness to us during this difficult issue.”

“My wife and I would like to apologize to the whole community,” stepfather “Vic” said. “Every student, every parent, every faculty.”

Students at South Pasadena High School will set to return to classes Thursday with increased security for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Meanwhile, parents and students held a vigil Wednesday night, to bring the community together.

Residents of all faiths walked to the school to pray together.

“I think it sends a message of hope for the type of cooperative and supportive community that we have here,” parent Gail Lee said.

For a number of students, the vigil provided reassurance, where hours ago, there was apprehension.

“I was honestly really scared about coming back to school,” student Kaitlin lee said. “But after this, I feel really comfortable about coming back.”


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