HAWTHORNE (CBSLA.com)   — Police in Hawthorne are investigating a salon robbery in which the thieves reportedly stole cash and hair extensions.

Authorities said a man and a woman went into the Baby Doll Human Hair store and tied up an employee around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

They also duct taped the frightened clerk’s mouth, wrists, ankles and eyes, then dragged her into a supply closet.

Police said the robbers, at least one of whom was armed, got away with about $9,000 in cash and merchandise.

After tying up the clerk, the female accomplice let in another male accomplice.

Authorities are hoping the release of surveillance video will lead to the apprehension of the thieves.

The employee eventually freed herself and called police after the robbers fled.

Before fleeing, one of the suspects dumped water on the store’s computer.

KCAL9’s Rachel Kim said one of the robbers was clearly aware of the surveillance cameras; he stayed low on his way out hoping not to be captured on tape, she reported.

“When you hear terrifying news like that, it’s really upsetting and terrifying,” said nearby business owner Fidel Omwubuya.

“This has been a quiet place, a quiet business setting, I am terribly shocked. What I try to do is watch my back,” said Omwubuya.


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