LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)   —  The group is called 5 Seconds of Summer but they had fans — mostly teen girls — lined up for hours Saturday.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict talked to the fans who came by the thousands.

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They sat, stood, slept and even sang.

The group, the latest boy band sensation, hails from Australia but if the crowd outside the Forum is any indication, the boys are ready to conquer America.

Benedict found some fans who stood in line for as much as 16 hours for tickets.

What the fans didn’t know was that the band was also on hand to meet a few of the lucky — they met the first 100 fans.

One fan didn’t mind the long lines.

“I’d wait forever if I had to,” she said.

The fans call them 5SOS (pronounced 5-Sauce) and many of them professed their love for Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton.

“Luke’s mine,” said one, “I call Michael,” said another.

What all these girls standing in line didn’t realize is that when they get to the ticket counter, behind the tinted glass, the boys were waiting to meet them!

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Cue the screaming. Cue the tears!

“He gave me my tickets and he said he loves me too, he was very excited,” said one hyperventilating fan.

“I just love them so much,” said another, “They mean so much to me.”

One fan got another unanticipated surprise.

“Calum paid for all of my tickets!” said a nearly breathless Emily Gusbeth.

Turns out, Gusbeth had multiple credit cards to purchase her three tickets and multiple transactions weren’t allowed this day.

So band mate Calum happily stood up.

“He said you know what, I’ll buy your tickets for you,” she said in disbelief.

The brief encounters, Benedict reported, left the fans breathless and wanting more.

“I just wanna hug him,” said one fan, “He’s so cute!”

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From the reaction Saturday, Benedict predicted the band will enjoy much more than their 15 minutes of fame or 5 seconds of summer.