KANEHOLLER an electronic-soul duo consisting of singer-songwriter-producing partners Chelsea Tyler and Jon Foster. Formed in Brooklyn, New York in the summer of 2011 the group now lives in Venice Beach, Ca.

KANEHOLLER’s musical style weaves a future sound with timeless jazz, blues, and electronic melodies. After meeting they began sharing their musical interests. Over the last year they cultivated a unique sound that was inspired by Lauryn Hill, Etta James, RJD2, Otis Redding, DJ Shadow, TImbaland, Talking Heads, and Portishead.

When asked about their creative process, they explain, “Having personal time when we’re writing is essential so we can really dig into ourselves and come back to see what the other thinks. When it comes to smoothing out and finishing the song, it’s completely a team effort. Four ears are better than two in that way”.

“One great thing about music is how personalized it is to each listener. Of course we have stories in mind when writing songs, but each person translates them in their own way. We simply want to make you feel and dance.”

Chelsea and Jon are currently in the studio writing and producing.

KANEHOLLER will make their debut in the summer of 2014


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