HEMET (CBSLA.com) — A 6-year-old Hemet girl is being hailed as a hero for quick-thinking.

When Elissa Sandate saw a fire at a mobile-home park in the 1900 block of East Florida Avenue, she took action.

CBS2’s Tom Wait met the girl Friday.

Elissa may have saved dozens of homes from burning.

“I saw the fire right there,” she says, pointing to her neighbor’s house.

She was able to keep her cool when she saw part of her neighbors house going up in flames around 4 p.m. Thursday.

Wait asked her if she was at all scared.

She shook her head no.

Elissa’s father just returned to their Hemet home from a shift at work. Elissa was playing near the swing set, just a few yards from where her neighbor was on his porch using the grill, when the flames jumped.

“I smelled the fire at first and then I saw it,” she says.

The neighbor’s front porch area, covered in lattice, caught fire.

Elissa yelled and ran to get help.

“I think she saved a bunch of homes here,” said her father, Daniel.

Because of his daughter’s quick action, Daniel was able to run outside, grab a hose and douse the flames before they got to a water heater, a large pile of newspapers and some trees.

“I told her good job,” he said. “It was a good thing she did. Not only would the neighbor’s house have went up but these houses as well.”

It’s back to business as usual for the 6-year-old and her friends. But Thursday’s act of heroism will likely make it a summer to remember, Wait reported.

Wait asked Elissa if she is aware that she saved a lot of the homes here.

“Yeah,” she replied, matter-of-fact.


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