LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  It was designed to be a summer project and a way of lifting the spirits of underprivileged kids who live near MacArthur Park.

The group of kids from two youth organizations — Fallen Fruit and The Heart of Los Angeles — got together last weekend and planted 30 fruit trees.

But someone destroyed the trees and all their hard work planting and tending to their budding garden that cost thousands of dollars to start.

The kids have started to replace the trees that were destroyed.

“I was shocked, disappointed, angry,” says 11-year-old Diego Lujano, an HOLA student.

“Who would do such a thing to destroy the environment?,” said Carole Sanchez, another student, “and … destroy our hard work. Who would do that?”

The plan was to create an urban fruit trail with peach, apple, plum and nectarine trees. They planned on having 150 trees by 2015, and not only for beauty’s sake. There would also be an abundance of food for the community.

Police say they have no suspects.

Meanwhile, the kids told CBS2’s Kaj Goldberg they aren’t mad; they’re moving on.

“It’s not just us now,” said Sanchez. “It’s more people getting involved.”

They’ve planted 10 trees where the others were destroyed. They’re just hoping the vandal doesn’t return to crush their dream project.

If you have any knowledge about the vandalism, you’re asked to call police with the Rampart division.

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