APPLE VALLEY ( — A wild shootout in Apple Valley on Wednesday left a man suspected of homicide dead and a LA County Sheriff’s Deputy injured.

Chris Miller was riding in his vehicle with his pregnant wife and 6-year-old son when they got caught in the middle of the shootout.

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Police had followed the man to Bear Valley and Central, where he stopped his black pickup and began an exchange of gunfire with deputies near a liquor store.

The man was declared dead at the scene, and he wounded deputy was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Miller recorded the frightening ordeal on his smartphone.

“After reviewing the video several times, I’ve come to the conclusion it was at least 40 rounds that were fired,” Miller said.

On Thursday, the Miller family sat down with CBS2’s Kristine Lazar.

The Millers, who live in the Inland Empire, were stopped at a light when the shooting broke out.

“There’s more gunfire,” Miller is heard saying on tape. Then there is a barrage of gunshots.

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During the exchange, Miller’s wife, heard calling out “My God” and “Daddy” is decidedly nervous and panicky.

Miller repeatedly implores her to “Sit still. Sit still, don’t move, don’t move, don’t move, don’t move,  don’t move! Just don’t move. Just don’t move!”

The sounds of gunfire can be heard about a full minute.

“They just kept shooting and shooting and shooting,” he told Lazar.

“He’s down, guys, he’s down,” Miller is heard saying on the video.

Crystal Miller screamed and remained huddled under the dashboard.

“After he went down, they were still technically shooting him,” she said.

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The LA County Sheriff’s Department is not commenting, saying the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has taken over the investigation, Lazar reported.