VENICE ( — A skateboarding collision was captured on video, in which a 10-year old suffered a concussion that may have been deadly if not for his safety equipment.

The collision, which was captured and shared by TMZ and occurred in Venice over the weekend, shows Asher Bradshaw colliding with another skater before hitting the pavement head-first.

“I remember I was spinning, and then I was just looking around, and I just went straight on my head,” Bradshaw said.

Miraculously, the young phenom got up, and continued skating.

“It’s like, when you get bruises and stuff, you get tougher and tougher about it,” Bradshaw said. “It doesn’t hurt as much.”

Bradshaw, who started skating at the age of 5, became an Internet sensation at 6 years old when a video of his skating was posted to YouTube.

He was ordered by doctors to stay off his skateboard for a matter of days after he was diagnosed with a minor concussion.

Bradshaw’s father, meanwhile, has always enforced one rule: Asher must always wear a helmet and pads when he skates. He does not expect the accident to stop his son from skating.

“Well, I can stop him from skating and he can play soccer, but then what do I do when someone breaks his ankle?” Bradshaw’s father asked. “At least when he’s skating, he’s able to wear a helmet and pads.”


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