ANAHEIM ( —  A smoky trash fire caused some tense moments for patrons at Disneyland Sunday.

CBS2’s Tom Wait spoke to some people who said they were scared.

The smoke  — rising from just behind Cinderella’s Castle —  was visible for miles.

“It did look pretty scary, yes,” said one patron.

People Tweeted pics of the big black plume of smoke from the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain and Small World.

Several families told Wait they didn’t know what to do and worried the fire might ruin their experience.

“I was actually worried. It’s my first time being down here in California going to Disneyland. I was like ‘Oh God, don’t tell me it’s on fire,'” said Sabrina Cole.

The Cole family — from Colorado — wondered if their 3-year-old’s first trip to Disneyland would be ruined.

It was a sentiment echoed by several parents.

“I didn’t want her to miss out on her first trip, so we were hoping there wasn’t anything major going on,” said Stephanie Merl, holding her daughter.

The smoke was caused by trash that somehow caught fire. Anaheim authorities say the fire department knocked down the flames in less than 10 minutes.

No one was hurt. Although it does not appear suspicious, arson investigators are on the case.

Guests kept their cool and were able to enjoy their experience, Wait reported.

“We noticed there weren’t large numbers of people leaving the park so we assumed there was no big evacuation or anything,” Merl added.

Disneyland officials confirmed there was no evacuation ordered and their spokesperson says the fire was never close to any guests or attractions.

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