PASADENA (  —   Bello Nock, a daredevil known as much for his wild stunts as he is his gravity-defying hair, is walking across the Rose Bowl Friday evening — via tightrope.

Nock is already in the Guinness Book of World Records for a high-wire walk across a cruise ship.

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On Friday evening, he used the walk across the Rose Bowl, he said, as a tune up for an event more outrageous and adventurous.

Nock sat down with KCAL9’s Bobby Kaple to discuss Friday’s walk — without a harness or safety net — and his future stunt plans.

He told Kaple his goal is to become the world’s biggest daredevil. Nock is well on his way.

Tonight’s walk — an 822-foot walk across — would take him about 25 minutes.

Nock worked as a circus performer for many years — both Ringling Bros. and the Big Apple Circus.

He has his eyes on a stunt he plans later this summer called “The Ultimate.”

He’s planning to pull off the “Ultimate” stunt in Las Vegas. Nock told Kaple it will involve trying to set 12 world records in 12 minutes.

Among some of the stunts during that event? He will be shot out of cannon over a hovering helicopter. Nock will also walk over a high wire — a high wire that is on fire, by the way.

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Even though Nock is a total pro, he admitted to Kaple the first step onto the high wire is always nerve wracking.

“The first step on the high wire,” he says, “is always the hardest. Same in business, in life. It’s like that in everything — first step is the hardest.”

The end is no piece of cake either.

“Getting toward the end, the last 30, 50 feet,” Nock says, “real tough. Cause you think you’re there.”

Kaple also asked him about the gravity-defying hair and what kind of product he uses to get his hair to stand straight up.

Nock quipped — “Viagra.”




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