CORONA (   —  A soldier from Corona is fighting for his life following an attack by six men outside a bar in Tacoma, Washington.

Korry McClanahan, 25, is in ICU at the Madigan Army Medical Center and unresponsive, says his family. He’s not speaking or moving.

His mother is even unsure if he knows she is there.

Last Friday, McClanahan and another soldier went to the Steel Creek American Whiskey Company in downtown Tacoma to shoot some pool.

Around midnight, the two men went outside to smoke.

The other soldier told authorities that six men, all speaking Russian, approached them and picked a fight. He said he and McClanahan didn’t want to fight and began to walk away.

The other soldier said the Russian men attacked them without provocation.

McClanahan was punched twice, fell to the ground and hit his head. He spent more than 17 hours in surgery to stem a brain injury.

Crystal Cruz, reporting for CBS2, spoke to McClanahan’s distraught grandparents.

“He’s just an all-American boy, what can I say,” said his grandfather, Jim Wilson.

Over Memorial Day weekend, McClanahan’s grandparents, who helped raise him in Corona, got a phone call saying something bad happened to their grandson.

“I can’t imagine how they can beat him up like they did an just go and leave him for dead,” said Carolyn Wilson, his grandmother.

“It just tears me up,” says his grandfather, “They took the left side of his skull out and had to take some of the brain out.”

“He’ll never be the same,” said his grandmother.

McClanahan’s family is hopeful he will rebound to be a father to his 4-year-old son.

The family also asked the public to keep McClanahan in their thoughts.

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