SAN BERNARDINO ( —  A San Bernardino teenager may be permanently blinded in his right eye after being shot by a pellet gun while walking home.

CBS2’s Tom Wait reports 13-year-old “Sin-Cheeze” Mosely was at the intersection of East Wier Road and Waterman Avenue Thursday when he heard the sound of a gun firing and then felt a sharp pain in his eye.

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Police say they’re investigating other pellet gun shootings in the area and the shooter is still on the loose.

But Mosely’s mother, Chrissy Shuss, says her son will need multiple surgeries in order to have hope of regaining his sight.

“The pellet is still lodged in his eye. He’s pretty worried about surgery and all that but they’re just telling us day-by-day as he improves what’s going to go on,” Shuss said, explaining, “They won’t be able to go in and try to get it out until after the swelling and the blood… they don’t want to traumatize his eye, so they’re trying to let him heal a little bit.”

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Shuss said the owner of one of the complexes in the area says there have been multiple reports of pellet shootings. She doesn’t know if this attack was random or if her son was targeted.

“We don’t know if they were in the apartments, in the bushes… where they are,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s a child or an adult who shot at him, but either way to me it seems malicious to not be concerned, to not check on him or anything, you know?”

“Sin-Cheeze” will miss the rest of the school year and is scheduled to undergo multiple surgeries with the hope to regain sight before his 14th birthday.

His mother hopes that’s the case.

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“This is something that could possibly damage him and stay with him for the rest of his life,” she said.