SILVER LAKE (  — Months after delivering pizzas at the Oscars, Edgar Martirosyan has a brand new restaurant.

KCAL9’s Juan Fernandez reports that Martirosyan’s 15 minutes of fame show no sign of ending any time soon.

Martiroysan and his brother Eric have opened up Wood, a new pizza place on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake.

The restaurant hasn’t had its official opening as yet, but it’s already doing a booming business.

Martirosyan states the obvious — his appearances on “Ellen” and the Oscar telecast have made him famous in his own right.

“It was really an incredible experience that happened to us,” he said.

The pizzas — make in a wood-burning oven (hence the name), use mostly ingredients imported from Naples.

They say for those reasons alone, their pizzas are standouts.

The brothers told Fernandez they were inspired to make pizza by their mom who often made it while they were growing up.

“We are so happy to be here in this neighborhood,” said Martirosyan, “and we are hoping to do our best to serve the people around here. We want to make people happy.”

He says even months later, people are happy to come up to him looking for the pizza delivery guy from the Oscars.

Martirosyan says the two most popular pizzas are the margherita and the lamb sausage pie.









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