LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal is set to share her side of the story with Dr. Phil.

V. Stiviano, the 31-year old reportedly involved with the 80-year old Sterling, will be accompanied by her team of attorneys for the show, in which Stiviano is expected to discuss the specifics of her relationship with Sterling, why she recorded their conversations, how the tapes got out and why she shared them in the first place.


While she admits to recording the now infamous racist rant, Stiviano denies she is the one who leaked the recordings to the media.

As part of the interview, Stiviano will also speak about her criminal history, her many aliases over the years and why she used them, and her specific job description and title. Stiviano has told reporters she worked as an archivist for Sterling.

According to attorneys, in March, Sterling’s wife, Rochelle, sued Stiviano, seeking the return of more than $2.5 million in gifts Stiviano allegedly received from her husband, including luxury cars and a $1.8 million duplex.

When asked why she agreed to sit down with Dr. Phil, Stiviano said, “I think [he’s] the best. I’m here to clear the air, to tell the truth.”

In a clip of the interview, Dr. Phil tells Stiviano that part of her behavior suggests the need for attention.

When asked whether or not she enjoyed the attention she received after the leak, Dr. Phil said, “She said, ‘Oh, absolutely. I love the attention of getting to be a celebrity for a short period of time’.”

The interview is scheduled to air Wednesday, May 21.


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