APPLE VALLEY ( — An elderly man who was beaten in the parking lot of a grocery store in Apply Valley this week is speaking out about the ordeal.

“He nailed me good and I … dropped,” said Alfred McOsker, while describing the beating to KCAL9’s Tom Wait.

The incident happened on May 4, in the parking lot of a Stater Bros. store on Bear Valley Road in Apple Valley.

McOsker says he was walking between two parking spaces when he was approached and confronted by his alleged attacker. The suspect accused McOsker of bumping his car and scratching it.

McOsker says he tried to calm the man down, but says he was in a rage.

“He got out and was yelling at me. And I said, ‘Hey, don’t yell,’” he recounted.

The attack was so severe McOsker lost one of his two remaining teeth. McOsker says it happened in a blink and is not even sure how it all unfolded.

“They asked me … the sheriffs … did he hit you more than once? Well, I got a bruise here,” McOsker said, pointing to his jaw.

After McOsker was knocked to the ground, good Samaritans rushed to help him and police were called to the scene.

McCosker didn’t get a good look at his attacker but believes the man is in his mid-20s; around 6-feet tall; and weighs about 200 pounds.

His daughter tells Wait she can forgive the man who did this but he needs to come forward.

“There’s something in your heart that’s troubling you and you took it out on my father and I wish that you would get help,” said Alison Rennie.

No arrests have been made but police are working on leads, Wait reported.

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Man, 79, Beaten After Accidentally Bumping Into Car In Grocery Store Parking Lot