STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Zena Shteysel stopped by KCAL9 Friday to show her top makeup tips for a flawless look.

Shteysel is the designer of the Z Palette, a customizable magnetic empty makeup palette to fit your needs and be eco-friendly by reducing packaging.

Makeup Do’s:

  • Do cover the eyelid with foundation or concealer to eliminate any unevenness and help brighten the face. This also helps create a base for eye shadow application.
  • Do remember to fill and shape the brows. The brows are the frame of the face. Sparse brows can look aged and make your makeup look incomplete.
  • If you have tired eyes or bags under the eye, do keep focus on the eyelid only with eyeliner and mascara. Create a tight line by lining the top inside waterline with black liner. This will help distract the eye to focus on the top only, away from the under eye.
  • Do blend eye shadows so there are no harsh lines. When applying a darker shade in the crease, soften the shadow by going over it with a matte, neutral color that will be used for the brow bone.

Makeup Don’ts

  • Don’t use frosty white eye shadows in the brow bone area. This look is dated and can ruin the whole eye makeup. Stick with a matte, neutral color that will lift the brow without all the shimmer.
  • If your eyes are small, don’t use black liner in the waterline as this will make the eyes appear even smaller. Keep the eyeliner on top of the lid and lift up towards the outer edges. Line the inside of the eye with a pale skin tone color or white to give the illusion of a more open eye. If time permits, you can apply a half lash just on the outer edges to open the eye further.
  • Luminous skin is very youthful, but don’t apply the shimmer to create a luminous glow all over the face, as you may get a shiny result rather than dewy.  Instead, place the shimmer on the high points of the face such as cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and even the lips to add fullness.
  • Don’t powder your entire face as this will cause cakiness. Most of the shine occurs on the forehead, around the nose, and chin. Limit the powder to those strategic areas.

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