FOUNTAIN VALLEY ( —A Social Security Administration office in Orange County mistakenly declared a Fountain Valley woman dead.

“I’m just hoping to get my simple life back,” Majida Assayed said.

Assayed said the situation started in March when she went to the office to notify a worker that her 77-year-old mother had recently passed away. She said she wanted to do the right thing and make sure the government stopped issuing monthly checks of $700.

“[The worker] put my name by mistake instead of my mom. That’s all. She said, ‘Is the name close?’ I said, ‘Not even,’” Assayed said.

She continued, “My life is…I’m dead. I went to get a checking account, I couldn’t. They closed all my credit cards. [The worker] told me this morning that I had to check my driver’s license to see if it’s valid or not.”

On Thursday, Assayed got a three-line letter from officials to present to her bank and others, saying she was erroneously entered as deceased.

Assayed said it’s not enough to restore her good credit.

“I don’t mind being dead, but it’s not my time yet,” she said.