HUNTINGTON PARK ( — A 27-year-old Los Angeles man was arrested Thursday for allegedly attempting to sell counterfeit U.S. flags, police said.

Investigators recovered 27 pallets of fake American flags during “Operation Bogus Stars & Stripes” at approximately 9:30 a.m. in the 2000 block of Belgrave Avenue, according to Huntington Park Police Lt. Neal Mongan.

The raid was launched following tips from representatives of the New Jersey-based Annin Flagmakers, who contacted police after learning that someone in Huntington Park was attempting to sell counterfeit product as authentic Annin flags, Mongan said.

Undercover investigators posing as buyers met with the suspect and negotiated a deal to buy the flags – which were being represented as authentic American flags manufactured by Annin – as part of the operation, according to Mongan.

Investigators said the flags had fraudulent markings for the real flag manufacturer and later determined the counterfeit flags were manufactured in China and not by Annin.

The estimated value of the flags was $340,000 if they had been sold to unsuspecting consumers as authentic flags by the manufacturer or their licensed distributors, Mongan said.

The suspect was booked at the Huntington Park Police Department on charges of possessing counterfeit trademarked products for sale.

No immediate court date was announced.

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