HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — A popular Orange County-based retailer has come under fire for selling pot-themed clothing following complaints from a Huntington Beach parent organization.

Tilly’s Clothing, which offers surf- and skate-style clothing for teens, sparked outrage among members of Youth Matters, a subcommittee of Edison High School’s PTSA, for offering tops, swimsuits and other merchandise with marijuana imagery.

Among the items that has raised the ire of some parents: a Snoop Dogg-branded pair of women’s leggings that prominently features green marijuana leaves over a black stretch material.

Kim Greene, chairwoman for Youth Matters, launched a letter-writing campaign in February, calling on company officials to “consider removing drug related merchandise from your stores so that the customers who don’t care to endorse that lifestyle can continue to shop at Tilly’s.”

“You know, people don’t like desensitization, it makes me sound like an old lady and stuff and everything, but it’s true,” Greene said. “The problem is the younger they start, the more likely they are to be addicted.”

Tilly’s has sent an email promising to remove the pot-decorated outfits from stores in Orange County and Riverside.

There was no immediate comment from Tilly’s.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Snoop Dogg-branded pair of women’s leggings and other similar items were still available for purchase online.


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