LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  A Canadian firm announced Saturday that they were recalling nearly 9,000 pounds of various meat products.

Santa Maria Foods of Rexdale, Ontario said they were recalling the products — much of it salami — because the products failed to have a full USDA inspection.

Approximately 8,895 pounds are affected by the recall, said the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

While no health issues have been reported, the FSIS says the “remote” possibility of adverse health reactions exists.

The following Santa Maria Foods Corporation products are subject to recall:

• 11.1-oz. “Sopressata Salami” bearing package code “2014AL30”

• 5.10lbs. “MASTRO Milano Salami” bearing package code “2014JN17”

• 5.3-lbs.  “MASTRO Calabrese Salami Hot” bearing package code “2014JL08” or “2014JN17”

• 8.4-lbs. “MASTRO Sopressata Round” bearing package code “2014JL22”

• 2.6-lbs. “MASTRO Sopressata Salami” bearing package code “2014JL09”

• 13.3-lbs. “MASTRO Mortadella with Pistachios” bearing package code “2014AL09”

•  15.0-lbs. “MASTRO Jambon de Paris Cooked Ham Jambon Cuit” bearing package code “2014AL05,” “2014AL10,” “2014AL10,” “2014AL10” or “2014AL22”

•  16.8-lbs. “MASTRO Mortadella” bearing package code “2014MR20”

Packages will bear the Canadian establishment number “340” or “224.”

The products were distributed in stores in California, Arizona and Florida. The products were also exported by the company’s US distributor to Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji and Thailand.

Anyone concerned about illness should contact a healthcare provider. Consumers with questions about the recall should contact Santa Maria Foods at 1-888-886-4428.

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