LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Strict new rules for valet companies went into effect this evening in Los Angeles.

Those new rules include insurance and background checks for drivers.

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KCAL9’s Melanie Woodrow went out Saturday evening to see how the new laws were being implemented.

On a Saturday night, you’re bound to see hundreds of people valeting their cars here on Ventura Boulevard. As they enjoy their evening out, many of them say they feel better knowing someone is looking more closely at who is parking their car.

In a city where parking can be hard to come by, many drivers use valet service.

“I am nervous when I hand my car over. I see the way they drive and it scares me,” said Susan Pasternak.

She added that she was glad the city is placing stricter measures in place.

LA police commission investigators are now enforcing the city’s newly passed valet ordinance. All valet operators and attendants must have a permit. Drivers are background checked, licensed and insured.

“I think it’s a very good idea,” said Larry Pincus.

The permits cost approximately $300 for operators and $70 for attendants.

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“We are going to end up paying for it,” said Francisco Castro of Pro Image Valet.

“I know a lot of valets in the area have wanted to increase their rates because of that but we have chosen not to. We’ve asked the valet company to keep it the same,” said Laura Sladicka of Spark Woodfire Grill on Ventura Boulevard.

“If they’re not going to raise the parking prices how are we going to get that money back?,” said Castro

The fees cost less than a violation — up to $2,500 per violation per day.

“Maybe before they were unsure of which valet companies were legit but now you just know,” said Sladicka.

“It’s great it’s peace of mind,” said Sheyda Melkonian.

In addition to those fines, valet operators and attendants could be arrested and face criminal charges if they’re working without a permit


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