STUDIO CITY ( — There are only minor fluctuations in temperatures over the next several days.  There’s high pressure off the west coast, and a big trough in the middle of the country.

As the high nudges east, there will be a little more off-shore flow.  As the low nudges west, there will be a little more on-shore flow.

Tuesday will be a little cooler than Monday and Wednesday will be a little warmer.  All in all the temperatures will remain above average through next week.

There are no real chances for rain in the coming days as the a long stretch of very dry weather continues.  The only interesting weather phenomenon will be King Tides.  This happens when the sun, moon and earth align to create the greatest tidal pull.  High tides Wednesday will be at 7.1′.  That actually will be the highest of 2014.  Watch for minor tidal overflow on favorable beaches.

Basin – low 70s

Beaches – upper 60s

Valleys – mid 70s

Mountains – mid 50s

Deserts – upper 60s


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