STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Celebrity interior designer, Jennifer Adams, stopped by KCAL9 Friday to show viewers how to make DIY tree ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree on a budget!

Hanging tree ornaments out of cardboard

  • For a natural look, use cardboard, for a more refined look, use white or colored art board, or thin sheets of wood from a hobby store.
  • Use holiday themed cookie cutters to outline the shapes.
  • Decorate with marker or glitter pens, paint, ribbon, beads, colored glue or glitter or scrape book paper.

Tie ribbon bows directly to the branches

  • Buy rolls of wide holiday ribbon and tie them yourself. Trim the non-loop ends on a diagonal or with a V shape.
  • Buy premade bows, using picture hanging wire or unbent paper clips to attach them to branches.

Decorate with food

  • Strings of cranberries and unseasoned, air-popped popcorn is inexpensive and easy.
  • If you have pets or a potential ant or other pest problem, decorating with food for the whole season may not be a good idea. Colored plastic or wood beads can stand in for the food.
  • Dry citrus slices in the oven to add a pop of fun color around the tree.

Embellish existing glass ball ornaments

  • Shop garage sales and thrift stores for solid color glass or plastic ornaments
  • Use glitter pens, paint, silver and gold Sharpie markers to draw designs like stars, hearts, zig zag shapes or spell out words
  • Fill clear glass ornaments with beads, feathers or glitter

Make your own paper chains

  • Get the kids involved and have them cut colored paper or scrape book paper into strips and glue them together one at a time, looping each strip through the link you just made.

Adams is also holding a special bedding event starting Friday through Dec. 15 at the Laguna Nigel Costco, 27972 Cabot Rd.


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