LANCASTER ( — Two suspects were in custody Thursday on carjacking and robbery charges.

Lancaster deputies pulled over two people that were believed to be connected to a missing person on Tuesday afternoon. When they approached the vehicle, the driver pointed a handgun at them and sped away.

A pursuit ensued and ended a short time later when the driver drove into a cul-de-sac, got out of the car and ran into a nearby apartment complex. The passenger was arrested without incident.

The suspect then ordered another driver at gunpoint to drive out of the area, but deputies located him while they were checking vehicles in the containment area. They deployed Tasers, disabling the suspect long enough to lose control of the weapon, officials said.

The unidentified suspects, residents of Antelope Valley, were booked on multiple felony charges and transported to Lancaster station in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Officials found guns, ammunition, a ballistic vest and masks inside the vehicle that was determined to be an unreported stolen vehicle out of Palmdale.

“I am very thankful this incident was resolved without the loss of life, and without injury to the victim, Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Capt. Pat Nelson said. “It is a testament to the Lancaster deputies’ reverence for life that these two very dangerous felons were taken into custody without the use of deadly force and yet another example of how there are no ‘routine’ traffic stops.”


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