STUDIO CITY ( — Plastic surgery . . . for your pet? Believe it.

Dr. Jeffrey Werber, a renowned veterinarian and pet parenting specialist, visited the KCAL9 studios Tuesday to explain why pet plastic surgery has become more widely accepted and why and when plastic surgery makes sense for your pet.

Tummy tucks, nose jobs and and eye procedures are the most popular surgeries.

Dr. Jeff’s reconstructive surgeries allow pets to:

– See better (entropion surgery for eyelids)
-E at/chew better (braces and maxilla-facial work)
– Deal with chronic skin infections (lip fold, skin fold, and vaginal fold reductions)
– Breathe better (stenotic nare and elongated soft palate repair)

Tips on How to keep your pet calm and healthy during recovery:

• Provide a calm, quiet environment
• If there are multiple pets, keep them separated.
• Depending on the pet’s inclination for too much activity too soon, you might need a mild sedative to help, or an OTC calming formula such as ProSense Calming tabs.


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