STUDIO CITY ( — The season for entertaining is right around the corner!

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Anthony Dias Blue of Blue Lifestyle visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday to show viewers how to make the perfect cheese platter from the Best Cheese Corporation.


• Choose the right cheese

o Plan to serve about a pound of cheese for every five guests
o Go for cheeses that look different as they’ll taste different too
o Almost every cheese board has bleu cheese

• Pick the vehicle

o Serve different types of crackers or breads to accompany the cheese

• Make some sweet selections

o The natural sweetness of fruit compliments the saltiness of cheese
o Serve something fresh like grapes and pear slices or dried fruits like figs, prunes or apricots

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• Just as crunch

o A cheese plate should be about taste and texture
o Add nuts, crunchy apple slices or crisp crackers to offset rich, creamy cheeses

• Get a cheese board

o Boska Monaco Cheese Board ($19.99)
o Typically, a board should be arranged and eaten from mild to strong in clockwise fashion

• Separate really stinky cheeses from others so that the odor doesn’t transfer to milder cheeses

o Label the cheeses to help guide your guests around the board

• Consider timing

o Cheese tastes best at room temperature so let them sit for about an hour before serving

• Serve with a beverage

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o Wine, beer and fruit juices help cut the richness of the cheese and clear the palate
o 2011 Davis Bynum Pinot Noir, River West Vineyard, Russian River Valley ($25)
o 2011 J. Lohr October Night Chardonnay, Arroy Seco ($25)