LA CAÑADA ( — The wife of a former presidential candidate can now add best-selling author to her list of credits.

Ann Romney signed more than a hundred copies of her new best-selling cookbook at a La Cañada bookstore Wednesday.

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Nearly a year after her husband lost the 2012 presidential election, fans came to see the mother of five and grandmother to 22, who is promoting “The Romney Family Table,” a New York Times best-seller.

“The boys think I’m a pretty good cook and I thought ‘gee, that sounds like fun’ having no idea how much work it could be,” Romney told KCAL9’s Andrea Fujii.

Romney said the book shows how cooking for a large family and being Mitt’s wife could be a tough job.

The cookbook, which includes a recipe for “Mitt’s Meatloaf” is “a real reflection of what it was like and how difficult it is at times when I have a husband that’s really busy,” Romney said.

The former first lady of Massachusetts said being out of the political limelight is better for their personal lives, but argues the country is worse off.

“There’s times when you look and scratch your head and say oh, if only,” she said.

With the government shutdown nearing two weeks and Congress at an impasse over raising the debt ceiling, Ann Romney said her husband would have worked across the aisle as he did when he was governor.

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“They worked things out, they didn’t stop talking,” Romney said. “They didn’t shut down the state, they worked things out. And I think Americans are frustrated right now.”

Some argue Mitt Romney predicted the current political crisis. During the election, Romney warned that the country could face a shutdown or default if President Obama was reelected.

“I think we’re now seeing that he was right and a lot of people are saying ‘oh my gosh look, everything he said has happened’,” Ann Romney said.

Politics aside, the fans who came to her booksigning said they were there to support her.

“I think she just represents good American values that we don’t seem to have,” said fan Jim Frasco.

“A woman that can raise five boys, automatically I’m a big fan of that,” said Summer Cacciagioli.

For now, Ann said she and Mitt are focused on their family and will continue to be beyond 2016.

“I think we’ll be on the sidelines for the next presidential run,” she said. “We’re very happy. We’re enjoying our grandchildren.”

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Romney, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 15 years ago, will donate all proceeds from the cookbook to fund neurological research.