REDONDO BEACH ( — Two women turned bras into works of art to inspire and raise money for a local cancer support program.

Initially, best friends Carla Christensen and Mary Jane Walcher used the colorful and inspired bras, which includes ‘60s-themed and wine cork bras, to cheer racers on during breast cancer walks.

“They want to be photographed with them, they’ve asked us for custom pieces and it’s just kinda evolved,” said Walcher.

The women are now donating some of the kooky bras to the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach to be auctioned off as part of the organization’s Girls Night Out fundraiser.

“We’ve had them up on our walls, in our office, for the last two weeks and people just stop. They’re just in awe,” said CSC Director Judith Opdahl.

The bras aren’t the usual auction items the group is used to, but they have no doubt they will hook buyers in.

“So framing it and having it on the wall is an option…another one could just be hanging without a frame on a wall. Or, you know, they could wear them,” said Christensen.