STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Enrique Tayun, manager of training and development at El Torito, stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to tell viewers about the restaurant’s new “Flavors of Baja” menu!

The menu features the flavors of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

Enrique shared one of the most popular items on the Baja menu:

Jalapeño Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp:

Yield: 12 each

12 each             Jalapeños

12 each             Shrimp, 21-25, cleaned, tail on

12 each             Manchego cheese, cut 1/4 oz strips

6 each              Bacon, sliced, thin, raw

12 each             Toothpicks


  • Cut jalapeños on both ends, cut one side across and remove seeds and veins
  • Chile should result in a sheet of approx. 2″
  • Boil chiles quickly in a small sauce pan with 2 cups water, 3 Tbsp. sugar & 2 Tbsp. steak sauce
  • Remove from fire and cool immediately
  • Make two small cuts across each shrimp to hold straight and prevent curling
  • Place one strip of cheese in each shrimp and wrap with a sheet of jalapeño
  • Cut bacon in half, stretch lightly and starting from head side of shrimp wrap tightly
  • Skew shrimp with toothpick to prevent bacon from opening
  • Cook wrapped shrimp in a pan for approx. 2 minutes each side or until half done
  • Transfer into lined baking pan and cook in pre-heated oven (350F) for 12-15 minutes until done
  • Baste with jalapeño jelly and butter during baking procedure
  • Serve with rice, vegetables and a side of jalapeño jelly for dipping
  • Remove toothpick before serving

Note:  Shrimp may be prepared ahead of time, wrapped and refrigerated until use.

Jalapeño Jelly                                                                                  

Yield:  Two Cups

1/2 each            Red bell peppers, chopped finely

1/2 each            Green bell peppers, chopped finely

3 each              Fresh jalapeño, chopped finely

2 cups              Sugar

1/4 cup             Red vinegar

1 each              Lime juice, fresh squeeze

1 oz                  Fruit pectin, liquid**

**  Liquid fruit pectin can be found at most grocery stores.


  • Place peppers, sugar, vinegar and lime juice in a suitable sauce pan and bring to a quick boil
  • Allow to cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally
  • Return to high heat and stir in pectin, bring to a boil and cook for 1 -2 minutes
  • Remove from heat and cool immediately

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