WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — Friends and family will hold a fundraiser in Woodland Hills this weekend for a 23-year-old aspiring model who lost her legs in a motorcycle accident earlier this year.

Courtney Jones grew up riding bikes. Her father, Chris, owned a shop since she was a youngster.

Jones and her boyfriend would ride with friends every Sunday.

On Feb. 17, during a Sunday afternoon ride with her boyfriend in Malibu, Jones’ life changed forever when the bike’s front tire blew and crashed into oncoming traffic.

Jones was hit by a car and dragged 20 feet.

After months in the hospital and dozens of surgeries, Jones woke up from an induced coma to learn she lost her left leg and part of her right one.

Prior to the accident, Jones was a dancer and taught gymnastics. She said she never knew how much she took the little things in life for granted, such as walking, going to the bathroom on her own and a night’s sleep without pain.

Jones’ parents have had to adjust to her new situation, as well. Her mom quit her job to take care of her on a full-time basis.

The medical bills are astronomical since Jones didn’t have insurance.

Her parents, however, aren’t giving up on their daughter’s hope to walk again with the help of prosthetic legs.

“Whatever it takes. We will work just as hard. Do what we got to do. She’s here and she’s going to walk again,” said Chris.

Friends and family are holding a bake sale and silent auction at the Michelangelo Hair House in Woodland Hills from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday to help pay for Jones’ bills and prosthetic legs.

Jones said she hopes that one day she’ll get the courage to get back on a motorcycle.

“Right now they still kind of scare me, but I think I might give it a try one day. Just to try,” she said. “I’ve always been told that every great rider falls, you know, and you have to learn how to get back up.”

Meantime, Jones, who wants to become a history teacher, is also on a mission to be an advocate for other amputees.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m an inspiration to them, and it’s so very touching, and it makes me want to keep going just for them,” she said.