The IT field can offer a very rewarding career for those who like to solve problems and enjoy facing a different challenge every day. The job market for science and engineering is particularly hot in Los Angeles.

(Photo Courtesy of Alfred Davis)

(Photo Courtesy of Alfred Davis)

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“Digital divides do not solely exist between technology and consumers. They also exist between industries,” says Alfred Alan Davis III, an LA-based business security analyst for Toyota. “As technology plays a greater role in our lives, it will also play a greater role in the products and services we use every day whether it be our computers, our smartphones or our cars.”

When Davis first earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering, he initially sought opportunities in the software industry. But after earning his MBA in computer information systems and electronic commerce, his employment options expanded to banking and manufacturing. Now Davis works in enterprise information security in which he rotates through various information systems departments for a major automotive company and leverages both his technical training with his business education.

What do you do as a business security analyst?

“As the proliferation of technological advances continues, my responsibility is to analyze the impact such advances could have on the security of our vehicles and our customers’ satisfaction. I research consumer trends and leverage those findings to create and recommend new security features into future vehicles. I also assist our team with managing network system security, information risk assessments, penetration testing and overseeing remediation of any findings.”

How has your education helped contribute to your overall success in the IT field?

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“My education has uniquely molded me into an IT professional who understands the technical aspects of challenges in light of business needs and consumer expectations. Having a technical background combined with business-related acumen allows me to draw the parallels necessary so that our customers’ needs are met and the Toyota brand is strengthened. My education also helped solidify a logical mindset in myself to approaching challenges.”

What kind of education or formal training is needed to do your job successfully?

“Having a technical background is a very important, but it’s more than just being able to recite theories and facts. It requires having some degree of working knowledge behind technology. Although my MBA may not have been necessary, it certainly gave me a competitive advantage being able to balance the business aspects of applied technologies.”

What kind of job opportunities did you have available to you upon completion of your education?

“Since my skill set is rather diverse and I understand how multiple facets of how businesses are interrelated, I had a number of options. The beauty of IT is that there are few industries where it is not relevant. Understanding how IT fits in a company creates opportunity for you.”

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