VENTURA ( — The Ventura Police Department says two liquor stores sold alcohol to a 19-year-old during a sting they call a Minor Decoy Operation.

During the operation, police send the minor into a retail location as a decoy. The minor attempts to buy liquor.

Two of eight stores sold alcohol to the minor, according to Ventura Police.

Officials named the two stores as:

Log Cabin Liquor, located at 2457 Alameda Avenue. The cashier, Sam Hlyt, 25, was cited and released.

Fresh Burrito, located at 2855 Johnson Drive. The clerk, Armando Carrera, 55, was cited and released.

Six businesses did not sell to the minor:

7-Eleven, 6320 Bristol Rd., Ventura
Holiday Liquor, 6346 Bristol Rd., Ventura
Johnson Drive 76 Gas Station, 2757 Johnson Dr., Ventura
Circle M Liquor, 2850 Johnson Dr., Ste D, Ventura
Northbank Liquor, 2950 Johnson Dr., Ste 117, Ventura
Blackbeards BBQ, 1591 Spinnaker Dr., Ste 115C, Ventura

The operation was supervised by Bernadette Compean, the Police Department’s Alcohol Enforcement Officer.

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