Jobs for housekeeping cleaners remain abundant in California, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is the state that continues to employ more domestic workers than any other polity in the union.   

Four Sisters Inns President Shelley Post (photo courtesy of Shelley Post)

Four Sisters Inns President Shelley Post (photo courtesy of Shelley Post)

The top industry sectors responsible for keeping this occupation a stimulating one for the local economy include assisted living facilities for the elderly, continuing care retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities, provider services for businesses and dwellings, surgical hospitals, and travel accommodations, which encompass hostels, hotels and inns.

Within the Golden State’s hospitality aggregate, housekeeping tasks extend far beyond dressing beds, cleaning rooms, replenishing linens, vacuuming and picking up after untidy visitors. Their specific job requirements have placed them in a wage category of between $22,000 and $31,000 per year.

Securing an attendant’s position at a top-drawer venue in Los Angeles calls for a distinct type of professional attitude.

“Housekeepers at higher-end lodgings need to be aware that guests of upscale accommodations expect perfection these days,” said Shelley Post, president of Four Sisters Inns, a duo of boutique lodging facilities. “They are well-traveled and have very high standards, so housekeepers need to pay more attention to detail than ever when cleaning rooms.”

Post’s innkeepers provide breakfast, afternoon wine and hors d’oeuvres and complimentary bicycles for their guests that choose to stay at either of her two upscale, dog-friendly locations. She said her housekeepers must cater to her clientele’s specialized tastes and nuances.

“Our guests appreciate a personalized, more authentic level of service,” said Post. “Men who stay with us appreciate the oversized bath towels. They also really like the in-room coffee. So our housekeepers make sure the rooms are well-stocked with these items when men are the guests.” Post added that her housekeepers supply rooms with an abundance of vanity items when women check in.

She said those hoping to snag a housekeeper’s position at inns do so for varied reasons.

“Applicants are often people seeking their first professional job, trying to build a resume in the hospitality industry,” said Post. “We also see people who prefer flexible scheduling because they want to work while their children are in school or they are students themselves.”

She said the housekeeper’s role is as attractive as it is rewarding.

“Our housekeepers can definitely look at the position as a foot in the door, an entry level position that can lead to advancement,” said Post. “We have several examples of this advancement at Four Sisters Inns. The position will continue to evolve, incorporating technological changes to cleaning equipment used, as well as communications equipment used between the housekeepers and other personnel. And as long as there are inns, there will be a need for hard-working staffers to service the rooms.”

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