STUDIO CITY ( — Have a child heading to college? Dorm room expert Amy Sewell has all the answers.

Sewell visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to demo products and offer tips that will allow for the most efficient use of limited space in a typical dorm room.

Sort it out:

• Before shopping, check on school’s website to see if anything (like a coffeepot, hotplate) are prohibited.

• Find out if you need to get extra-long sheets.

• Communicate with your room-mate to ensure that anything that can be shared is not duplicated and take up precious space.

• Try to find out the dimensions of the room.

Make it up:

• You will need a good night’s sleep between classes and parties.

• The mattress on the bed may be years old and a bed bug protector can be a good investment.

• In addition to (xtra-long) sheets and comfortable pillows- a bed-in-a-bag is an easy way to make a room an attractive home.

Raise it up and put it away:

• Storage space is at premium in a dorm room- and under-the-bed space comes in very handy. Bed lifts add to this space.

• Consider hanging closet organizers and over-bed storage units.

Lock it up:

• Students bring thousands of dollars in electronics to college. Don’t forget a computer lock, a surge protector power strip, and a paper shredder to prevent identity theft.

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