GLENDORA ( — Rubel Castle, which is tucked away in a quiet Glendora neighborhood, may soon be getting attention on the national stage.

“The state of California Historic Resources Commission deemed us eligible for national recognition for historic status,” Glendora Historical Society boardmember Steven Flowers told KCAL9’s Stephanie Simmons. The historical society has maintained the property with the help of volunteers since the castle’s creator, Michael Rubel, passed away in 2007.

If the bid is accepted by the National Park Service, Rubel Castle will have the same historic status as other local landmarks like the L.A. Coliseum and the Watts Towers.

“It’s a unique property. We have a farm, we have a castle, we have historic machines, we have a vintage garage,” said Flowers.

Simmons reported that Rubel spent 25 years building the landmark.

“A lot of the things you see here were either gifts given to him or things people were throwing away. It doesn’t look like junk so much as Mike’s treasure,” said Flowers.


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