HERMOSA BEACH (CBSLA.com) — Law enforcement is working to make sure holiday history does not repeat itself in Hermosa.

With hopes of reducing the number of violations, offenses, and violent behavior, Hermosa is tripling the fines for drinking-related violations.

Law enforcement is also being tripled by bringing in 50 sheriff’s deputies to help keep control in the popular area during the Fourth of July.

The city also made a video that was shown at local high schools, warning teenagers about the penalties of law violations and informing them that authorities will be on specific lookout during the holiday.

“Ultimately, like it’s my hometown, and I think it gets pretty rowdy sometimes,” resident Ellie Gannon said. “And I don’t really want people coming down here and making a fool of themselves and making a mess.”

In addition to the increase in police presence, property owners who have to be visited more than once by authorities, due to noise complaints, will be subject to a fine.

“You can invite your friends over and have a barbeque,” Hermosa Beach Kit Bobko said. “But if it gets out of hand, you could be on the hook. And not only the people who rent the house can be on the hook, but the property owners can be on the hook.”


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