SAN DIEGO ( — If you happen to break the law on some of Southern California’s beaches through the Fourth of July weekend, you may have a chance to keep the offense off your record.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports anyone receiving a non-traffic ticket at San Diego-area beaches will be offered a shot at “Instant Justice”.

The 10-day program that begins Friday will affect beach-goers who are ticketed for violations including carrying open containers in public, drinking on the beach, urinating in public, littering on the beach, having a dog off its leash, or smoking in the park.

On July 8, eligible violators will be assigned six hours of community service to give tourists and locals alike a “second chance,” according to San Diego Deputy City Attorney Terri Winbush.

Violators who would otherwise be required to travel back to the San Diego area to attend a court proceeding at a future date will instead have the chance to avoid a criminal charge on their record.

“The idea is to restore the community right after a big holiday like that, because it is sometimes really terrible out there after the Fourth of July holiday,” Winbush said.

More than 100 offenders completed 545 hours of community service over the first two years of the program, according to Winbush.

Violators will have to pay a $40 fee upon reporting for community service.

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