GLENDALE ( — A burglar stole $300 worth of so-called “lucky money” from a Glendale meat market earlier this week.

The incident happened around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at Dvin Meat Market in the 100 block of South Adams Street.

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Security video showed an unidentified man kick in the window of the market, run straight toward money hanging on the wall and then flee the area.

“He makes a beeline through the meat market, past the meat counter, over the back counter where the register is, and right to the wall where the money is on the wall,” said Glendale police Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

Authorities said the surveillance video also showed the suspect walking by the market several times before he busted the window.

“It looks like the suspect capered this location, scouted out the location,” said Lorenz.

The owners of the store didn’t want to go on-camera, but told police the stolen cash was called “lucky money.”

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Next-door business owner Ruben Martirosyan said “lucky money” is an Armenian tradition. When a new business opens, family and friends give the owner money, which is then taped to the wall.

“The closest relatives, friends, they come over and they wish them good luck for the shop or the business,” he said.

Despite what happened, Martirosyan said he’s not taking down his good luck charms.

“Maybe they wanted to be lucky, too, so that’s why they stole it,” he joked.

The suspect was described as about 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build and a possible beard.

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Anyone with information on the crime was asked to contact the Glendale Police Department.