BOSTON ( — A Torrance businessman who was critically injured in April’s Boston Marathon bombings opened up about his road to recovery.

Just weeks away from retirement, John Odom went to Boston with his wife, Karen, to catch a Red Sox game and see their daughter, Nicole Reis, run the April 15 race.

“It was a perfect day for the runners. It was a gorgeous day,” he said.

Before Odom’s daughter could cross the finish line, however, the first bomb detonated just 10 feet away from him.

Shrapnel went through both of Odom’s legs and severed an artery.

After being unconscious for four weeks and undergoing 11 surgeries in Boston, Odom said he’s accomplished things he never thought possible.

“I started walking. The first time, I think I took five steps, and then I did 34 steps, and then I did 50 steps,” he said.

Odom said for now, he plans to avoid large crowds, but he would return to the Boston Marathon again—under one condition.

“If my daughter decided she wanted to run the marathon again and finish…then I will be here to support her,” he said.

Odom said he’s thankful for the amount of support he received from people in Southern California.

He said the worst situation has brought out the best in people.

“There’s more good people in this world than there is bad,” he said.

Odom is expected to spend another three weeks in rehab in Boston.


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