LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Mothers across Southern California, as well as the nation, are finding support and a place to vent in a quickly-growing online community.

A blog, called “Moms Who Drink and Swear”, is providing mothers with opportunities to vent their motherhood-related frustrations with other parents — without a filter.

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“You have to have friends,” mother and grandmother Vickie Saenz said. “But you have to have friends that understand your frustrations when you just wanna tell your kids, ‘Ugh, you’re driving me crazy’.”

The group, started by Nicole Knepper of Chicago, has a Facebook page, and now has over a quarter of a million online followers.

Knepper initially started the group with a small circle of friends when she realized how many parents wanted to talk about the trials of parenthood.

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“I was done being perfect,” Knepper said. “I was just going to be more committed to having fun, and bring more of myself into parenting.”

For Knepper, having more fun with parenting includes occasional swearing, even in front of her kids at times.

The ladies involved in the group’s blog suggest that the group is less about drinking and swearing, however, and more about community and commonality with other mothers.

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“It makes it a safe place, because there’s humor and there’s forgiveness,” Knepper said. “Of course there’s seriousness, but people embrace each other and they say ‘I get it. I get where you are’.”