CAMARILLO ( — An 8-year-old Camarillo girl was credited with saving her diabetic mother’s life last month.

Faith Corral, who also suffers from Type 1 diabetes and cerebral palsy, said it was a Sunday afternoon in April when her mother’s blood sugar slipped dangerously low.

“I was like, playing in the room, and then I came out of the room, then I went back in and found her unconscious,” she said. “I felt her body and I found that she was sweaty. When I was talking to her, asking her to wake up, she never did.”

Faith told CBS2’s Amy Johnson that she did exactly what she had been taught to do.

“I set up a special shot that was a glucose shot and I gave it to her,” she said.

She also called family members and 911.

“I taught her how to use the shot. It’s an emergency kit just in case this ever happened,” said Faith’s mom, Jeannette Figueroa.

Faith was recently honored at her school for her bravery and her swift actions with two certificates and a special bear.

“She comes in every 30 minutes to ask me, ‘Mom, are you okay? Do you feel okay? Is your blood sugar okay? Do you need a juice?’ Sometimes I feel like she’s my little nurse,” said Figueroa.

Three years ago, the mother slipped into a diabetic coma that lasted a month.

Thanks to Faith, this time, she was better in just minutes.


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