CHATSWORTH ( — A vigil was held on Wednesday for a local U.S. Marine who was killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, and his family wants to make the street where he died safer.

Lance Corporal Jesse Wilkes, 27, was killed while riding eastbound on Devonshire when a car cut in front of him, leading to the lethal crash.

Wilkes had served two tours in Afghanistan, and was a graduate of California State University Northridge.

Since his death, his family has lobbied to have left-turn arrows installed throughout the valley.

“He had a wonderful life,” Wilkes’ mother, Kimber Lee said at the vigil. “And thank God his life is not taken in vain.”

His family received good news on Wednesday, when City Council member Dennis Zyne introduced a motion to have a number of turn-arrows placed at intersections in Wilkes’ memory.

“While he’s gone, his memory will continue,” Council member Zyne said. “His family, his friends are grieving his loss. A man in the prime of his life.”

Los Angeles City Council adjourned Wednesday in Cpl. Wilkes’ memory, and there is also talk of naming the intersection after him.

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