IDYLLWILD ( — A 2-year-old boy was bitten by one of the deadliest rattlesnakes in Southern California Saturday near Idyllwild.

Cody Parker was eating lunch with his family on a lawn at Pine Springs Ranch, a Christian youth camp, when a baby Southern Pacific rattler bit him on the finger.

“There’s nothing you can do other than antivenom,” said Cody’s father, Dwight. “It’s just a matter of calling 911 and getting (to the hospital) as soon as you can.”

Cody’s mother, Trisha, a pediatric nurse, knew an ambulance ride would have taken up valuable time.

Within minutes, Cody was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center.

“I just hoped that he was still breathing…and he would get (the antivenom) in time,” said Trisha.

By the time doctors were able to mix the antivenom to make it soluble, the swelling spread up Cody’s hand.

It would be three hours before he finally got the shot.

Doctors said the only reason Cody survived was because the snake didn’t release all of its venom.

Cody’s parents called his recovery a miracle and credit the prayers of their church group.

They now have a warning for other parents.

“There are a lot of baby snakes out, a lot of bigger snakes out. It’s the season where they’re all waking up. You got to be careful. If your child or anybody in your family does get bitten, get them to emergency medical care as soon as you can,” said Trisha.

The Parker family said the Loma Linda staff told them they’ve treated five rattlesnake bites in the span of a week.


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